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UK Staffing Firms

Are you a UK-based staffing firm looking to expand your operations in the US and Canada?

As your Employer of Record, we streamline administrative tasks, handle payroll management, and guarantee adherence to legal requirements. Our services enable you to enhance productivity, reduce risk, and achieve faster growth, while we take care of your time-consuming back-office operations.

Entrusting us with these responsibilities allows you to direct your attention towards sales and recruitment. Our tailored solutions enable you to effortlessly penetrate the US and Canadian markets without the need for a physical presence – granting you access to lucrative profit margins and accelerated growth opportunities.

Trust Agile Partnering to simplify your global expansion journey and maximize your business potential.

UK Staffing Firm Services
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US and Canadian Recruitment Agencies

We understand the specific challenges faced by staffing and recruitment agencies already operating in North America, particularly when it comes to growth. That’s why we offer streamlined back-office operations, including payroll, billing, and accounts receivable, to enhance your productivity and reduce risk during periods of expansion.

By outsourcing these functions to Agile Partnering, agencies can focus on finding the perfect talent for their clients. With our flexible contract models and pay cycle options, we empower you to scale your business efficiently and with ease.

Our deep understanding of legal compliance and state-specific regulations means that navigating the complex regulatory landscape couldn’t be any easier. Our expertise allows us to handle the legal risk management and related administrative tasks, reducing the risks to you and your business.

Partner with us and unlock your true growth potential.

US and Canadian Agency Services
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Enterprise Organizations

If you are an enterprise company seeking efficient back-office solutions, Agile Partnering is here to support you. Our services go beyond payroll and administrative tasks. We provide Administration, Insurance, and Legal Compliance Services, ensuring that you can focus on your core business functions while we handle the complexities of back-office operations.

We also offer a specialist service which simplifies collaboration between enterprise organizations and boutique staffing firms. We take responsibility for the legal, insurance, and financial commitments, ensuring that all thresholds are met. It offers increased compliance, faster onboarding, and access to specialized talent, while promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Access specialized talent without any barriers.

Enterprise Organization Solutions
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Thanks again for being one of the best staffing specific Employer of Records I know.


Client Operations Manager

We Are Made for Recruitment

The services offered by Employer of Records vary substantially, which means that finding the right EOR for your business is crucial. Our services are specifically designed for staffing and recruitment agencies, ensuring that we provide services which overcome industry specific challenges. We become the sole Employer of Record for contract workers, assuming responsibilities such as managing employment contracts, worker classification, compliance with employment laws, providing timesheet and HR software solutions, and more.

We are more than just a software solution – we are the full package.

Cost-effective and Scalable Solutions for Recruitment

We provide you with the freedom to grow and develop by taking away your administrative burdens.