Our Embedded Payroll Funding Solution

One of the major barriers to growth for staffing firms is the need for a sustained and consistent cash flow. As businesses grow, they often find themselves running out of money to support their operations. Agile Partnering offers an elegant, scalable, and reliable solution to this problem.

Our unique payroll funding service is tailored specifically for the staffing industry. Our innovative approach allows staffing firms to leverage their clients' credit worthiness to support their own expansion.

Payroll Funding Service

Our payroll funding service operates seamlessly, providing you a simple and efficient solution.


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Here’s How It Works

Onboard Workers

Agile Partnering takes on the responsibility of hiring the workers directly, eliminating the administrative burden on your firm.

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Agile Pays Workers

We provide upfront cash for worker payment with our non-recourse funding, ensuring a steady cashflow without any delay caused by late or missed client payments.

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Get Paid

Once the end client settles the bill, staffing firms receive their profit, ensuring a smooth cash flow management between client payments and worker compensation.

Our service ensures financial stability and growth opportunities for staffing firms, utilizing their clients' credit to support their business expansion.

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Solving the Cash Flow Challenge for Growth

Embedded Payroll Funding

Embedded Payroll Funding

We provide payroll funding that is embedded in our EOR service, eliminating the need for staffing firms to seek external financing or rely on their own resources.

Leveraging Clients Credit

Leveraging Clients’ Credit

Agile Partnering's unique approach allows staffing firms to leverage their clients' credit, enabling them to unlock growth opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Non-Recourse Funding

Non-Recourse Funding

We offer non-recourse funding, which means that even if the client defaults on their payments, staffing firms are guaranteed security.

Stable Cash Flow

Stable Cash Flow

Our service ensures uninterrupted cash flow, providing peace of mind for staffing firms even in challenging economic conditions.

Reduced Turnover

Reduced Turnover

Consistent payment ensures that contract employees are paid on time, reducing the risk of turnover or placements being terminated early.

By working with Agile, we’ve grown faster, reduced our business risk, and had more fun along the way. We fully expect to continue partnering with them as we scale up.


Head of Sales Operations

Grow Without Growing Pains

Our Embedded Payroll Funding service provides staffing firms with the necessary financial support to grow without cash flow constraints. With our innovative approach, staffing firms can access payroll funding solutions that ensure a steady and reliable cash flow, even when clients are unable to pay on time.

This is one of our uniquely tailored solutions for staffing firms which other Employer of Records don’t provide. Our Embedded Payroll Funding mitigates the impacts of inconsistent cash flow, allowing staffing firms to focus on making placements and expanding their business without added financial pressures.

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Other Employer of Record Areas

Our Payroll Funding solution is only part of our comprehensive suite of Employer of Record services. We specialize in providing bespoke solutions for staffing firms which you won’t find from other Employers of Record.

Back-Office Administration

Our comprehensive Back-Office Administration services provide you with turnkey solutions that streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

These include taking responsibility for worker onboarding and offboarding, timesheet management, invoicing, payroll processing, and reporting.

Back Office Solutions
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Compliance and Risk Mitigation

We ensure compliance with employment and taxation laws, along with insurance coverage and risk mitigation measures, allowing your businesses to operate confidently and be shielded from legal and financial liabilities.

Insurance and Mitigation Services
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Overcome Expansion Challenges

Agile Partnering takes away administrative burdens and financial challenges with their back office solutions and embedded payroll funding.


Embedded Payroll Funding Service FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions about our Embedded Payroll Funding Service:

Agile Partnering provides a flexible set of invoicing and funding workflows that enable our clients to make placements without ever having to worry abut cash constraints.  Our funding methods utilize a competitive factoring based approach that is embedded into both our Agile Turnkey and EOR service models.  

Across all of our service models, our funding options work in the same fundamental way.  First, workers submit timesheets which are approved.  In turn, Agile will invoice the end client and pay workers prior to receiving payment from the end client.  When the end client has issued payment, all the gross margin minus Agile’s fees are sent to the staffing firm.  This enables you as the staffing firm the ability to leverage your end clients credit to grow your business. 

We provide your firm with stable cash flow with our funding which allows your staffing firms to leverage your clients' credit. Our tailored process ensures consistent payments to staff and reduces turnover. This service is embedded as part of our Employer of Record service.

We understand that staffing firms often face cash flow constraints as they grow, hindering your expansion plans. This is why we have developed our Payroll Funding Service, to provide a reliable solution to provide financial stability during times of expansion.

In addition to Payroll Funding, our comprehensive suite of Employer of Record services includes a Back Office Administration service and Compliance and Risk Mitigation service.

We have developed payroll solutions which work specifically for recruiters and staffing firms. We remove the administrative burdens and hurdles by taking responsibility for your back-office operations such as payroll, billing, and accounts receivable. We also provide insurance coverage for workers and use experts to ensure we reduce your legal risk and liability.