We act as a third-party employer of your contract workers. As EOR, we handle all of the administrative details, paperwork, and responsibilities related to payroll and payment of all federal, state, and local taxes. We also provide benefits to the employees and we carry the necessary insurances such as Workers Compensation, General Liability, and many other insurances to satisfy your clients requirements.

For workers who are properly classified as a corporation (i.e., they don’t want to work as a W-2 because they have their own corporate entity setup), we act as a third-party entity responsible for processing the workers timesheets, providing payment, and complying with federal, state, and local laws.

No, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is similar yet fundamentally different from our service as an Employer of Record (EOR).

Some of the main differences include that a PEO is based on a co-employment model while an EOR is a sole-employer model. When using a PEO, the client has to fund the fully loaded payroll burden up front, whereas an EOR may elect to provide funding for payroll burdens and recoup their payments afterwards. In general, PEO’s are prohibited (due to workers compensation laws and policies) from supporting staffing firms due to the temporary nature of the workforce employed and lack of direct control over workplace safety. In contrast, an EOR focuses on only supporting temporary/contract workers and does not support a business’ internal staff. Some of our clients utilize us for their contract placements, and a PEO for their internal staff.

As a recruiter, your business grows when you focus on sales and recruiting. It dwindles when you waste time processing payroll, approving timesheets, gaining financing, chasing invoices, and dealing with administrative hassles, and worrying about employment law. By using an EOR/AOR provider, you unlock your growth potential by focusing on your core competencies instead of wasting time on on-core activities.

The United States Federal Government has strict laws that define who can be paid as an independent contract versus a W-2 employee. If you ‘misclassify’ the worker (i.e., pay them as a contractor when they should be classified as an employee), the government may likely assess steep penalties and fines. Moreover, when a business misclassifies one worker, the government may conduct a larger audit of your entire workforce to find other examples of misclassification. By leveraging Agile Partnering as your back office provider, we use a defined methodology to eliminate misclassification risks.

YES! There are no long-term contracts with Agile Partnering. We are in the background helping you expand your client accounts and keep your contractors happy.

You will simply have your clients sign a standard staffing agreement that states that Agile Partnering is your back office provider and Employer of Record (we provide a template). If you elect to use the Agile-funded model, the agreement will state that payments are made directly to Agile Partnering.

It depends.  Usually, you will provide COI's for your core business insurances and we provide proof of coverage for our areas of responsibility such as Worker's Compensation.  However, in some contracting arrangements we may provide full COI coverage.  Don't worry--our legal team will help make contracting with end clients as effortless as possible for you!

Yes! We can enable you to place workers in all 50 states.

We primarily support tech staffing firms and healthcare staffing firms, and so most of our workers are either Office Professionals 8810’s or healthcare workers such as CNA’s, RN’s, etc. which are usually 8835’s. We do not support high risk positions such as light industrial workers, landscape (0042), etc. If you are unsure, please contact us and we are happy to make a thoughtful decision on a case-by-case basis for you.

Yes! Once your client has signed a job order for a new placement, we handle all of the employee onboarding including background checks (and any legally required adverse action notices), drug screens, e-verification, employment contracts, etc. in a legally compliant manner that is efficient and easy for the new employee.

Agile funded financing occurs when your client pays us directly for all money owed. In turn, we pay your workers and we send you a check for the gross profit minus our service fee. With Agile Funded, Agile Partnering is responsible for invoicing your clients, setting credit limits, and handling initial collections. Agile Funded is a great option if you don’t want to use your own cash to float payroll (which occurs when your client pays after we are required to pay the workers). Self-funded is an option if you have strong credit and cash reserves. With self-funded, you are responsible for invoicing your clients, they pay you, and you pay us for the amount owed to the workers plus our service fee. Self-funded is not an option if your staffing firm has poor credit or limited cash reserves. Under both options, you are ultimately responsible to ensure full payment to Agile Partnering.

If you use the client-funded model, we handle invoicing, credit limits, and collections. If you use a self-funded model, you handle invoicing, credit, and collections.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you are responsible for all payments owed (by you or your client) to Agile Partnering. We take a very personable and reasonable approach to collections and if there is ever a payment issue from a client, we loop you into the conversation to ensure alignment.

No! We earn your business every day and you don’t pay anything until you are earning money with your clients.

No, and we do not provide recruiting services of any type to any clients and therefore have zero conflict of interest.

No problem! Through our Agile Funded model, you can use Agile Partnering’s cash to fund your business growth. Because growth sucks cash, we provide unlimited funding through our Agile funded model to help you scale faster.

To keep our fees as low as possible, we base our fees on the varying underlying costs and pay rates. To obtain detailed pricing for your firm, please contact us to schedule a conversation.

Simply fill out our ‘Get Started’ form! Within three days (often sooner), we’ll let you know if your business is approved and you’ll be ready to place your first candidate.

If you are using a self-funded option, you’ll simply send us a completed Purchase Order and we’ll take care of the rest! If you are using an Agile funded option, you’ll simply send us a copy of the signed PO from the client (we provide the template), and we’ll onboard the worker!

Agile offers three medical plan options to W2 employees as well as dental and vision. Agile Benefits

For full plan information, see PDFs Dental Plan, Benefits Medical Bronze, Benefits Medical Silver, and Benefits Medical Gold. To request coverage, please email Customer Support at customersupport@agilepartnering.com and request a Benefits Application which will be emailed to you via a secure platform for your completion.

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