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How We Serve You:

Recruiting and Staffing

Your project and hiring requirements are unique. That is why every search begins with an in-depth conversation about the role and your company culture, so we can save you time by finding you the right candidate. We offer direct hire, contract-to-hire, and contract services.

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Curated Talent Introductions

Given the low unemployment rates and the fact that top candidates are only on the market for 4-6 days, the most innovative companies move fast by always being ready to hire the right candidate. Let us be your eyes in the market and introduce you to talent that fits your culture and tech stack as soon as they start to look for a new role.

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Payrolling and Compliance

Serious financial and career risks can quickly get out of control if worker classification and payrolling is not properly handled. Let us shoulder those risks for you. Whether you are a direct employer or staffing provider we can help.

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Career Services

Our heartbeat at Agile is about connecting people to work they are made for. We want to hear your story and understand who you are beyond what is listed on your resume. Let us become your long-term career partner and resource by getting in touch with us.

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Why Agile?

We help companies build great teams with superb talent and help candidates connect with work they’re made for. While a lot of companies in our line of work are out for the easy commission check, that’s not our MO.

We Are:

Built on Relationships – Life is too short to treat people as transactions.  Our company is built on enduring high trust relationships with hiring managers, HR executives, and tech professionals like you.

Focused on Delight – What if you worked with people whose primary goal every day was to delight you through their personalized service and attention?  Let us delight you with an experience you have never imagined having with a recruiting partner.

Powered by Values – Working with a company where the people serving you care more about living out the company’s core values than anything else means you can count on how you will be treated every every time. We value Love, Trust, Results, Difference. Check out our blog or talk directly with our CEO to learn more.