DISC + Motivators

Every person has natural strengths and will perform based on their unique natural behavioral and motivational strengths. Using assessments in the hiring process gives necessary information on how a candidate will behave in a role. An accountant who excels at following procedures, a salesperson who lives to persuade, an assistant that naturally supports others—these traits are not found on resumes but can be uncovered through using behavioral and motivational assessments. Our EEOC compliant assessments allow you to hire confidently and uncover any weak areas in the interview processes.

Job Benchmarking

Different jobs require different sets of natural strengths. We create a job benchmark so you know what behaviors and motivations are required to be successful in your specific role in your specific team. That way when you are interviewing and assessing candidates you can see where they match and where there may be gaps. Job benchmarking allows you to compare candidates based on what a job needs and find the best candidate for a role.

Team Communications

Our assessments are often first used during the hiring process but the data they provide is extremely useful for onboarding, training, and to improve team communication. We can offer one-on-one communication workshops between managers and new hires to speed-up onboarding, or do full team communication workshops that foster engagement and understanding between team members. These workshops help everyone move further, faster, together.

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