Client Delight

Author: Heather Lovell

As I return home from a whirlwind trip across country visiting one of our clients in Florida, I am tired. Tired and very happy. Our client has been working with us for 1 year and I flew out to take the team out for a Happy Hour to celebrate that milestone.

The CEO of the company, who I had not yet met, was astounded. “Wait, I don’t get it,” he said, when he heard I flew in from Colorado to take the team out. “You really came all the way out he for us?” Even after I assured him multiple times that celebrating our anniversary of working with his company was important to us and worth me flying 4 hours to pay for beer and wings, he came back again an hour later just to recheck his understanding.

Delighting customers can be very simple, if you let it. We took the time to show our appreciation of them entrusting their talent needs to us by simply coming to visit. Saying a personal thank you. They are a fantastically progressive company that we love partnering with because of their approach to talent and culture. Although they are not our largest client, we made them feel how special they are to us because we showed that we care about them.

I didn’t go to drum up more sales. I didn’t go to solve an immediate problem or pitch a new product. I went simply to say thank you and buy beer. Did I talk about our new product line, sure when it made sense. And yes, I have a good idea of how we can continue to help them solve problems this year because of the conversations I had. But if I hadn’t done any of those things and simply met people, chatted, and shared some nachos it would have been equally as productive. I got to show true love to our client and it delighted them.

One of the things I like best about working for Agile is that we do Focus on Delight.  It is one of our guiding disciplines and I know it sets up apart. It stems directly from our value of Love. We love on our clients because we are here to do business better by modeling how. I adore going above and beyond to surprise our clients—the looks I got in Florida each time I explained to one of the team members there that yes I flew in for 24 hour just to show them some love—those looks of delight were priceless.

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